Should I be paying a Climate Change Levy?

Many UK businesses are unaware they are due a Climate Change Levy rebate. A quick call is all it takes.

What is the Climate Change Levy (CCL)?

Think of the Climate Change Levy as an environmental tax on UK businesses through the energy they use.

The tax was introduced in April 2001 to encourage businesses to be more efficient with their energy, which acts to reduce their overall greenhouse emissions.

Which Business sectors pay CCL tax?

The Climate Change Levy applies to businesses in the industrial, commercial, agricultural and public services sectors, and its charges are applied to heating, lighting and power purposes.

Businesses in these sectors will pay their charges in one of two forms. Main rate or carbon price support (CPS) rate.

Are you eligible for CCA reductions?

Reductions of up to 90% on electricity and 65% on gas, (LPG), coal and other solid fuel are available on the main rates of CCL, if you’re an energy intensive business and have entered into a voluntary climate change agreement (CCA) with the Environment Agency.

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