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Before we start, grab a copy of your latest business energy bill. Make a note of your supplier and the amount of energy you use.

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We'll find you today's best energy deal, comparing small independents with the 'Big 6' energy providers.

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Are you one of the 80% of SME's being overcharged on their energy costs?

Despite the significant increase in gas and electricity costs in the past couple of years a recent Ofgem report stated that "40% of small businesses haven’t switched suppliers in the past 5 years" with 25% of those surveyed saying "the process is too complex and time consuming". Meanwhile another survey undertaken in August 2017 on behalf of www.smallbusiness.co.uk stated "80% of SME’s are being overcharged on their energy costs".

Before we start, grab a copy of your latest business energy bill. Or, if you have an online account, login and make a note of the supplier and the charges (£) or usage (kWh) figures for your gas and/or electricity. Estimated figures are fine. Now you have these, let's see if we can find you a better deal.

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Finding a better energy deal for your business could not be quicker or easier. Simply send us a few details using the form above, and one of our business team will call you back.

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