We know that every Business has unique energy management needs

That's why our team will always listen, understand, then source the right specialists for you

CCL Rebates

There are businesses in the UK paying Climate Change Levy (CCL) charges when their circumstances means they are exempt. Others may be paying too much in taxes. It’s a situation that our team have helped rectify many times.

If you’re unsure how much you should be paying, why not call us.

LED Lighting

The reason many businesses switch to LED lighting for their office or commercial premises is down to the energy efficiency and life-span inherent in LED lights. The higher purchase cost is easily recouped over the lifetime of each LED.

Put into context, LED lights really are a cost effective alternative to traditional lighting.

Commercial Solar Energy

For many UK businesses, commercial solar photo voltaic (PV) panels are a viable method of producing their own electricity. The beauty of installing PV panels is that they don’t require direct sunlight to produce 'Green' electricity.

This means even under cloudy or overcast skies, you are still generating your own energy.

kVA Management

Managing your business's kVA / Capacity level is vital. If you're being billed for the wrong kVA level, you're paying for capacity you simply don't need.

For multi-site owners, any errors in calculating the kVA level can lead to significantly higher bills year on year. A quick check by our team could mean you're only paying for what you need.

Water Services

Businesses in England can now take advantage of the Open Water market. Available since April 2017, eligible businesses are no longer restricted to taking their water services from their regional water supplier.

This change means your business can compare and switch to a better water deal just as you would for gas and electricity.

New Connections

If you’re planning to build new business premises, be they office or industrial, you are going to need the infrastructure for gas, electricity and water supplies.

Each of these services requires a meter to sit between the Grid and your premises and a utility supplier to match your requirements. Our specialist team handle all this for you.

Virtue Energy Storage

Installing a Virtue storage system enables you to store your Renewable Energy for when you need it most. Then, when needed, smart-switching seamlessly feeds your electricity needs from this stored energy reserve.

The Virtue Electric Vehicle (EV) solution is ideal for visitors and staff with electric cars.

Voltage Optimisation

What is Voltage Optimisation and what are the key benefits? We look at the potential cost savings on business energy bills.

If your equipment is designed to operate within the statutory levels (230V ± 10%), increases in life-span and reductions in maintenace of the equipment can also be expected.

Electric Charging Points

CEB offer impartial advice on grants for businesses looking to install Electric Charging points at their company premises.

With the Government currently offering UK businesses a grant of £300 for single units, the opportunity to future-proof your business for staff and visitors has never looked better.

Did you know CEB works with UK Businesses Large & Small

Our dedicated team can advise and manage your New Connection, LED Lighting installation, CCL Rebates and Virtue Energy Storage Systems. Whatever your needs, talk to us for clear impartial advice.