Solar PV Panels for Commerical Premises

Ask us how installing solar panels could reduce your business electricity bills by thousands of pounds every year.

What are the benefits of fitting Solar panels?

The simple answer is that they will reduce your energy bill, by generating free electricity during daylight hours.

Your business feeds off this free energy source, your energy demand from the grid is lower and you potentially save thousands of pounds every year.

Will I always produce enough electricity?

Yes, while photo voltaic (PV) cells work best in direct sunlight, even under cloudy conditions they can still generate up to 50% of their optimal output.

If your business requires more electricity than your panels are currently providing, you’ll seamlessly switch to using electricity from the Grid instead.

What will it cost to install Solar PV Panels?

For eligible businesses, a fully funded solar panel system can be installed through a Power Purchase Agreement.

This is where solar panels are installed at no cost to your business and any generated electricity is purchased back from the funder at cheaper rates than your existing supplier; reducing your energy bill by thousands of pounds each year.

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