Installing Electric Charging Points

CEB offer impartial advice on grants for businesses looking to install Electric Charging points

How do Electric Charging Points work?

After arriving at their place of work or meeting, the driver simply plugs their vehicle into the available charging point. They are then free to continue with their day.

Charging points offer the staff or visitors of electric cars, the opportunity to ‘top-up’ their battery in readiness for their next journey. As most drivers will use their home charger for the main charge, this means that installing a dual outlet would be sufficient for many people to ‘top-up’ during a working day.

Should I install EV charging points at work?

With more people and businesses investing in electric vehicles, installing charging points for staff and visitors, shows support for the environment, contributes to future-proofing your business and defines you as a forward thinking company.

If your business has CSR and sustainability targets, charging points can make a significant contribution to them.

How much do charging points for (EVs) cost?

To support the transition from petrol and diesel powered vehicles to electric, the Government is currently offering UK businesses a grant of £300 for single units and £600 for dual outlet charging points.

The installation costs for installing electric vehicle charging points can be claimed as a deduction of your taxable benefits. This government grant is not expected to last, and so CEB recommends taking advantage of this generous offer.

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