Is your kVA capacity level set too high?

Our impartial team can quickly assess the right capacity level for your business. Why pay for capacity you don't need.

What is an Authorised Service Capacity?

Also known as ‘kVA level’, your Authorised Service Capacity is an agreed level of ‘power’ reserved for you from the Grid which guarantees your site receives a certain volume of power.

All half-hourly (HH) sites have this allowance. which is billed as a capacity charge on your energy bill.

What is the right kVA level for my Business?

Put simply, your capacity / kVA level should be set slightly higher than twice the maximum amount of energy your business uses at peak time over a half hour period.

The capacity required by your business will be calculated by your electricity provider.

Why does the right kVA level matter?

It matters because if set too high, you’re paying for capacity you do not need. For businesses with multi-sites, any errors in calculating the kVA level significantly increases the capacity charge billed to your business.

The wrong kVA level means higher energy bills. Wasted money. That's why it's so important to check it.

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