Why install LED Lighting in your Business Premises?

Switching to LED Lighting in your Office or Business Premises could offer energy savings of up to 75%

How efficient is LED Lighting for Offices?

LED lighting is an extremely energy efficient way to light your business premises or office. Most LED lights are on average, four to five times as efficient as regular lights and vastly more efficient than fluorescent strip lighting.

This efficiency allows them to produce larger amounts of light at a lower wattage compared to conventional lighting. Making them an ideal substitute for conventional flourescent lighting usually installed in offices.

What life-span can I expect from LED lighting?

LED light bulbs are built to last. Your typical light bulb may give you 1,000 hours of inefficient lighting, while switching to LED lighting for your office or business premises could give between 25,000 and 50,000 hours of efficient brighter use.

The life-span of an LED light can be up to eight times greater than flourescent lighting. Although initial costs are higher, the lower running costs and greater life-span easily make them a cost effective alternative for commercial use.

Is LED lighting expensive to install?

LED lighting not only lasts longer than conventional lighting, it also costs very little to run. This makes the cost of replacing LED bulbs much lower over a long-term period. Some businesses see energy consumption drop by up to 75% after switching to LED lighting.

For businesses with a large dependency on artificial lighting, this level of saving could offer bills reduced by thousands of pounds a year.

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