How does the Virtue Energy Storage System work?

Installing a Virtue storage system enables you to store your Renewable Energy for when you need it most

What is the Virtue Energy Storage system?

Think of it as your own ‘private-grid’. The Virtue Energy system can capture and store energy fed into it from ‘Green’ renewable sources such as solar and wind and non-renewables, such as the National Grid.

Then, when needed, smart-switching seamlessly feeds your electricity needs from this stored energy reserve.

Can it be used for Electric Vehicle charging?

The Virtue Electric Vehicle (EV) solution is an ideal way to provide electric charging for owners of electric cars at your business premises. The system combines a fast DC charger with an integrated solar canopy.

This allows premises with limited grid capacity to charge vehicles with little or no upgrading of infrastructure.

Can I get funding for a Virtue storage project?

For businesses who see the potential in a system that allows them to capture, store then feed off their own renewable energy, an ESCO funding framework can minimise the financial outlay of such a project.

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) are a proven way for businesses looking to tap into this innovative technology.

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