What is Voltage Optimisation?

Fitting a Voltage Optimiser could reduce your energy bills and lower your maintenance costs on equipment

What is the Voltage Optimisation?

Think of Voltage Optimisation as an energy saving technique that reduces the electricity voltage into your site and equipment. Typically the supply voltage in the UK is 230V ± 10% range at 50 Hz.

By reducing the voltage, you reduce your energy consumption, CO2 emissions and extend the lifetime of your equipent.

How is this implemented in to my Business?

If your site already operates a transformer, a short shut-down of power is generally all that is required to install a suitable step down transformer.

However, a better solution to reducing voltage would be to install a voltage optimiser or regulator. This method will maintain your sites electricity feed at the correct level regardless of changes in the grid supply voltage.

What level of savings can I expect for my ROI?

By reducing your site's voltage feed from 240V to 220V a saving of 16% could be achieved. If your equipment is designed to operate within the statutory levels (230V ± 10%), increases in life-span and reductions in maintenace of the equipment can also be expected.

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