Is your Business eligible to Switch Water Supplier?

The Open Water market means businesses in England are no longer restricted to their regional water company

What is the Open Water Market?

April 2017 brought in changes to the water market, meaning most businesses in England can now choose which provider they prefer to supply their retail water services.

Also referred to as the Open Water market, eligible businesses are no longer restricted to buying their water services from their regional water company.

Can any business just switch water supplier?

Your right to switch supplier is determined by a number of factors. If you are eligible, you can choose to have one provider for your water supply and another for wastewater services, or just have one for both.

Essentially, eligibility is focused on your supplier’s location and whether your premises are deemed business use only.

What’s the advantage of using a broker?

If your business is eligible to shop around for a better deal, dealing directly with a water broker will save valuable time and money. You have a single point of contact. The broker acts on your behalf, contacting and negotiating with the water suppliers.

They then present their recommended tariff for your approval.

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