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A Collective Purchasing Scheme Endorsed by Business Owners in Staffordshire

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South Staffordshire Council’s Good Life Energy Bill scheme, received wholehearted support from local MP Gavin Williamson as reported in The Express & Star newspaper.

Many local businesses have been quick to see the savings potential offered by collective energy switching. Among them Ian James and Viv Bradford of Lymestone Brewery in Stone, and Plumbits (Stafford)'s Andrew Wheeler based in Stafford. Rugeley WMC's Gylnis Payne were also quick to see the potential savings to their energy bills through collective switching.

These and other local Staffordshire business owners, who have opted-in to this free energy saving scheme, understand the buying power that comes from forming a like minded group. It has allowed our team to negotiate a much better deal with the energy providers on their behalf, whilst retaining each businesses own individual utility contract.

The bottom line is, these companies now see significant savings on their gas and electricity bills.

The Staffordshire Energy scheme represents many businesses located in and around towns such as Stafford, Lichfield and Cannock. The scheme however is open to any business located within the Staffordshire border.

Adrian Cooper explains the benefits for local Business Owners like You

It definitely pays to shop around but surprisingly there are many small and medium sized businesses that choose to stay with their "tried and trusted" supplier. Others who have switched may have been taken in by the "we can save you hundreds of pounds" line adopted by many companies. CEB is not tied to any one particular company and we will give you choice of suppliers, carefully explain the unit rates for gas and electricity and the details of the contract terms. We will recommend what we believe to be the best option for your business. You decide!

adrian cooper

Adrian Cooper of the Staffordshire Business Energy Scheme

What is Collective Switching?

Collective switching or collective purchasing is where a group of consumers are brought together through a third party (like Compare Energy Bills) to purchase a specific energy tariff from a UK energy provider.

By pooling your gas and electricity needs with other business owners in your region, we can negogiate better terms with the supplier.

Why Join a Collective?

It may be that joining an Energy scheme is not for you. You don't have to be part of the scheme to get cheaper energy bills. Get in touch to find out how.

For many though, collective switching really does offer greater savings without compromising their individual needs such as 'Going Green'.

Further Reading (DECC)

Further reading is available from The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) or download their Collective Purchasing fact sheet for a bit of offline reading.

Should you still have questions, please get in touch with your regional representativ or call us on 0800 230 0086. It's free.

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